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Creation and Growth

Internet Business Service Co., Ltd. (IBS) will move forward with our customers using reliable technology and services .

Towards a sustainable society

Strengths of IBSAdvantage

We prioritize high quality, quick delivery, and low cost system development in cooperation with IT companies in the Philippines, India, Vietnam, and Bangladesh.

Utilization of Global Human Resources

By utilizing global human resources, we are able to provide multi-faceted support such as
project management skills, IT skills, and knowledge in design and development, English proficiency, understanding of different cultures, and communication skills.

We have employed engineers from the following countries:.

USA, China, South Korea, Philippines, India, Vietnam, Bangladesh,
France, Italy, Spain, Malaysia, Thailand, Nepal, Senegal, Egypt, Madagascar

Posture of IBSAttitude

IBS aims to become an irreplaceable partner for our customers through three initiatives.


Utilizing Measures That Lead To Customer Success

We always put the needs of our clients ahead of our own.


Heartfelt Service

We will try to respond in a way that our customers will appreciate.


Providing Quality-Conscious Technology

As professionals, we always try to improve our skills and provide high quality services.